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Primary Care

Primary care involves first-contact care for people with an undiagnosed symptom or health concern. For a general internist, it also means managing multiple chronic diseases and coordinating other health services related to a patient's care. Internists focus only on adults, and their training includes significant experience in a hospital setting learning subspecialties such as endocrinology, cardiology and gastroenterology. Internists often co-manage conditions with these specialists.

Primary Care Services

Annual Physical Exams   |   Well Woman Exams   |   Preventive Testing   |   Women's Health   |   Hypertension   |   Diabetes & PreDiabetes   |   Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome   |   Allergies   |   Minor Sprains & Strains   |   Infections   |   General Primary Care

Lifestyle Medicine


Dr. Scruggs can provide scientifically-proven, evidence-based nutrition, exercise, and stress management prescriptions for prevention and treatment of certain chronic diseases.

"LifeScriptsRx" are generally used in conjunction with medication and other therapies.


Hypertension   |   Type 2 Diabetes / PreDiabetes   |   Osteoarthritis   |   Osteoporosis   |   Congestive Heart Failure   |   Obesity   |   Anxiety/Depression

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Greater Access to Your Doctor

MD One V3: Telemedicine

Use the videocamera function on your cell phone, tablet or computer to access an app to engage in a Virtual Videoconference Visit (V3) with your physician. The V3 is a convenient way for you to follow up on your treatment plan, report values, or discuss changes in therapy - without making a trip to the office.

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Genomic Testing

Genomic Medicine, sometimes called Personalized Medicine or Precision Medicine, is a way to customize medical care to your body's unique genetic makeup. MD One uses the power of genetics to tailor aspects of your treatment plan in the area of pharmacogenetics. This non-invasive test provides insight into how your genes may affect your response to particular drugs. It is a relatively new field that combines pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions) to determine which medications and doses will be effective and safe. In the future, MD One will also provide genomic testing that will help identify risks for certain diseases and which nutrition plan may be best based on your genetic makeup.

Personalized Medicine
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